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Lotus Spirit Dreamstuff

Steal 5 Lotus Spirit Dreamstuff potions from the Ankar Nomads.
Ankar Nomad
Required Item(s)

Relevant Locations



Hey, %class%! Let's you and me talk a minute. There's a saying around here that goes: "I against my brother. My brother and I against our cousin. Our family against the neighbors. All of us against the outsider." See what I mean? That's the rule of the desert right there.

Now, I consider you a neighbor after that little favor you did for us. So I can trust you with certain matters that mutually benefit both our, uh, respective parties, right? Good. So here's the thing:

There's a special... psychedelic agent, let's say, that's popular with sorcerers... and some non-magical types, too. It's called Lotus Spirit Dreamstuff and it's expensive --- too expensive for someone of my humble background to buy at market value, frankly. BUT. I received word that a merchant caravan bearing a shipment of this Dreamstuff was attacked in the west by Ankar Nomads.

So this Ankar rabble, they probably have a bunch of it now, right? And what do they know about it? Nothing. Whereas people like myself could put it to good use, get it to the right people... I'll say no more. I think we understand each other.


Your choice of these items:



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